The FENN West Coast Downwinder is one of the best downwind racing events on every paddler’s calendar.

Starting at Port Beach and finishing up the coast at Sorrento Beach, the ‘Downwinder’ is also part of the Shaw and Partners Race Week and offers all paddlers an opportunity to take on 26 kilometres of ‘cut and run’ paddling, with some sections offering up steep walls where one or two strokes will have you linking run after run.

If the conditions are right, the average paddler can expect to complete the course in a little more than and hour and a half.

The 2023 FENN West Coast Downwinder will be on [weather permitting] Saturday 18 November.

Keep an eye out for invites to register.

This is one downwinder you cannot miss.

FENN West Coast Downwinder Results

2022Jemma Smith 1:35:18.4Cory Hill 1:23:06.4 HERE
2021Natasha Leaversuch 1:40:42.3Michael Booth 1:27:01.8 HERE
2020Natasha Leaversuch 1:41:14.4Brendan Rice 1:22:28.6HERE
2019Hayley Nixon 1:38:26.8Cory Hill 1:24:58.8HERE
2018Hayley Nixon 2:01:08.5Cory Hill 1:43:24.8HERE
2017Hayley Nixon 1:20:09.9Brendan Rice 1:20:09.9HERE
2016Amanda Bowman 1:29:48.5Cory Hill 1:22:04.9HERE
2015Rachel Clarke 1:21:51.9Jasper Mocke 1:11:44.7HERE
2014Ruth Highman 1:51:24.0Michael Booth 1:30:19.6HERE
Epic West Coast Downwinder
Ruth Highman 1:41:53.2Reece Baker 1:25:00.4HERE